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Визуализация данных с помощью ggplot2Визуализация данных с помощью ggplot2

Автор: С. Э. Мастицкий

Визуализация данных играет важную роль на всех этапах статистического анализа - от первичного ознакомления со свойствами данных до диагностики качества построенных моделей и представления полученных результатов. Из всего разнообразия статистических программ выделяется R - интенсивно развивающаяся и свободно распространяемая система статистических вычислений, в которой реализовано множество классических и современных методов анализа данных. Программные реализации алгоритмов, входящих в базовую версию R, проверены на практике не одним поколением пользователей и ученых. Кроме того, пользователи R постоянно разрабатывают многочисленные дополнения (т. е. "пакеты") для этой системы. Настоящая книга посвящена ggplot2 - одному из таких пакетов, который значительно расширяет и без того богатые базовые графические возможности R. В 2015 г. ggplot2 был установлен более миллиона раз. Такая популярность этого пакета обусловлена несколькими причинами, среди которых можно отметить эстетическую...

Цена: 799 руб.
Страницы: 222
Год: 2017
Производитель: ДМК Пресс
ISBN: 978-5-97060-470-0


A Casebook for a First Course in Statistics and Data AnalysisA Casebook for a First Course in Statistics and Data Analysis

Автор: Samprit Chatterjee, Mark S. Handcock, Jeffrey S. Simonoff

Designed to engage students in the ``how'' and ``why'' of the data analyzing process rather than merely the ``what.'' Uses actual examples of analyses of real data. Each case is motivated by a question which needs to be answered and is presented with complete background material. The statistical analysis flows naturally from the question, encouraging students to understand the methods in order to reach a meaningful conclusion.

Цена: 10179 руб.
ISBN: 0471110302


Differential Equations, Matlab Technology Resource Manual : A Modeling PerspectiveDifferential Equations, Matlab Technology Resource Manual : A Modeling Perspective

Автор: Robert L. Borrelli, Courtney S. Coleman

This effective and practical new edition continues to focus on differential equations as a powerful tool in constructing mathematical models for the physical world. It emphasizes modeling and visualization of solutions throughout. Each chapter introducesa model and then goes on to look at solutions of the differential equations involved using an integrated analytical, numerical, and qualitative approach. The authors present the material in a way that's clear and understandable to students at all levels.Throughout the text the authors convey their enthusiasm and excitement for the study of ODEs.

Цена: 5171 руб.
ISBN: 0471483877


Elementary Data Analysis Using Microsoft ExcelElementary Data Analysis Using Microsoft Excel

Автор: Anita M Meehan, C. Bruce Warner, C. Bruce Warner

Elementary Data Analysis by Meehan and Warner introduces students to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets as a tool to be used in Introductory Statistics courses. For years professors have relied on specialized statistical software like SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences) in statistics and research methods courses, but computer technology has become ubiquitous and spreadsheets more popular. This easy to use workbook demonstrates that by utilizing a familiar program such as Excel, students can concentrate more on statistical concepts and outcomes and less on the mechanics of the software. Even for students who are not familiar with spreadsheets, they can learn statistical analysis easier with Excel than with specialized software, and this workbook takes them through step by step.

Цена: 9261 руб.
ISBN: 0072360518


Excel Manual T/A Elementary StatisticsExcel Manual T/A Elementary Statistics

Автор: Allan G. Bluman, Allan Bluman, Renee Goffinet, Virginia Koehler

Цена: 9083 руб.
ISBN: 0072549157


Introduction to Probability and Statistics : Principles and Applications for Engineering and the Computing SciencesIntroduction to Probability and Statistics : Principles and Applications for Engineering and the Computing Sciences

Автор: J. Susan Milton, Jesse C Arnold

This well-respected text is designed for the first course in probability and statistics taken by students majoring in Engineering and the Computing Sciences. The prerequisite is one year of calculus. The text offers a balanced presentation of applications and theory. The authors take care to develop the theoretical foundations for the statistical methods presented at a level that is accessible to students with only a calculus background. They explore the practical implications of the formal results to problem-solving so students gain an understanding of the logic behind the techniques as well as practice in using them. The examples, exercises, and applications were chosen specifically for students in engineering and computer science and include opportunities for real data analysis.

Цена: 10953 руб.
ISBN: 007246836X


Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis: For the Behavioral SciencesIntroduction to Statistics and Data Analysis: For the Behavioral Sciences

Автор: Robert S. Lockhart

Цена: 4787 руб.
ISBN: 0716729741


Numerical Recipes Multi-Language Code CD-ROM with Windows, DOS, or Mac Single Screen LicenseNumerical Recipes Multi-Language Code CD-ROM with Windows, DOS, or Mac Single Screen License

Автор: William H. Press, Saul A. Teukolsky, Vetterling William T., Brian P. Flannery

Now the omnibus edition Numerical Recipes Code CDROM contains all the source code from the brand-new Numerical Recipes in C++ and the Numerical Recipes in C++ Example Book, including a stand-alone class library, in addition to all the source code for theroutines and examples from: Numerical Recipes in Fortran 77: The Art of Scientific Computing (Second Edition); Numerical Recipes in Fortran 90: The Art of Parallel Scientific Computing; Numerical Recipes in C: The Art of Scientific Computing (Second Edition); Numerical Recipes in Pascal: The Art of Scientific Computing; Numerical Recipes Routines and Examples in BASIC plus the complete public domain SLATEC Common Mathematical Library, a freely redistributable collection of over 1400 mathematical and statistical routines, and many other extras. The ISO 9660 standard format CD-ROM can be used by Windows (all versions) and Macintosh compatible computers. HTML files included on the CD-ROM allow the use of any Web browser to navigate among...

Цена: 4795 руб.
ISBN: 0521750350


Payables Test Set for ACLPayables Test Set for ACL

Автор: Richard B. Lanza

The Payables Test Set presents a comprehensive list of objectives that every audit of the accounts payable function must meet. Tests are translated into computer-aided audit routines and fully documented, including flowcharts and source code. Within the menu-driven interface you can start doing necessary, worthwhile work within a few minutes of opening either book. Every application is open-ended: you can include additional batches, customize existing ones, create a new interface, whatever you wish. Presented in a coil-bound 128-page manual showing actual code next to helpful programming tips, explanatory diagrams, tables and flowcharts. Compatible with Versions 7 and 8 of ACL for Windows.

Цена: 6748 руб.
ISBN: 0973181206


Power and Precision, Version 2: A Computer Program for Statistical Power Analysis and Confidence Intervals Teacher EditionPower and Precision, Version 2: A Computer Program for Statistical Power Analysis and Confidence Intervals Teacher Edition

Автор: Borenstein, Rothstein, Cohen, Schoenfeld, Berlin, Lakatos

Цена: 3616 руб.
ISBN: 1563212129


Power and Precision, Version 2: A Computer Program for Statistical Power Analysis and Confidence IntervalsPower and Precision, Version 2: A Computer Program for Statistical Power Analysis and Confidence Intervals

Автор: Borenstein, Rothstein, Cohen, Schoenfeld, Berlin, Lakatos

Цена: 23308 руб.
ISBN: 1563212137


Probability Models for Computer ScienceProbability Models for Computer Science

Автор: Sheldon M. Ross, Sheldon Ross

The role of probability in computer science has been growing for years and, in lieu of a tailored textbook, many courses have employed a variety of similar, but not entirely applicable, alternatives. To meet the needs of the computer science graduate student (and the advanced undergraduate), best-selling author Sheldon Ross has developed the premier probability text for aspiring computer scientists involved in computer simulation and modeling. The math is precise and easily understood. As with his other texts, Sheldon Ross presents very clear explanations of concepts and covers those probability models that are most in demand by, and applicable to, computer science and related majors and practitioners. Many interesting examples and exercises have been chosen to illuminate the techniques presented Examples relating to bin packing, sorting algorithms, the find algorithm, random graphs, self-organising list problems, the maximum weighted independent set problem, hashing,...

Цена: 7317 руб.
ISBN: 0125980515


Scientific ComputingScientific Computing

Автор: Michael T Heath, Michael Heath

Heath 2/e, presents a broad overview of numerical methods for solving all the major problems in scientific computing, including linear and nonlinear equations, least squares, eigenvalues, optimization, interpolation, integration, ordinary and partial differential equations, fast Fourier transforms, and random number generators. The treatment is comprehensive yet concise, software-oriented yet compatible with a variety of software packages and programming languages. The book features more than 160 examples, 500 review questions, 240 exercises, and 200 computer problems. Changes for the second edition include: expanded motivational discussions and examples; formal statements of all major algorithms; expanded discussions of existence, uniqueness, and conditioning for each type of problem so that students can recognize "good" and "bad" problem formulations and understand the corresponding quality of results produced; and expanded coverage of several topics, particularly eigenvalues...

Цена: 6863 руб.
ISBN: 0072399104


Social Statistics: An Introduction to Using SPSSSocial Statistics: An Introduction to Using SPSS

Автор: J. Richard Kendrick

This introductory statistics text intended for the social sciences presents basic concepts and procedures in statistical analysis and integrates SPSS demonstrations and exercises throughout the book.

Цена: 4547 руб.
ISBN: 0767410017


Statistics with MathematicaStatistics with Mathematica

Автор: Martha L. Abell, James P. Braselton, John A. Rafter

Mathematica's diverse capabilities make it particularly well suited to perform the many calculations encountered in statistics. This book introduces Mathematica for various types of statistical computations. It covers a broad range of topics, and should appeal to both students and professional statisticians. Key Features * Comprehensive: Covers the use of Mathematica for applications ranging from descriptive statistics, through multiple regression and nonparametric methods; uses virtually all of Mathematica's built-in statistical commands, as well as those contained in various Mathematica packages; Additionally, the authors have written numerous procedures to extend Mathematica's capabilities, which are also included on the CD-ROM * Easy to read: Uses "by example" approach authors have used in several other books about Mathematica: works for beginners and experts alike * Applied: Examples from diverse disciplines, including biostatistics, business,...

Цена: 7421 руб.
ISBN: 0120415542


The Science of Decision Making: A Problem-based Approach Using ExcelThe Science of Decision Making: A Problem-based Approach Using Excel

Автор: Eric V. Denardo

Provides the reader with a perspective on the efficient operation of complicated systems. * Spreadsheets are used to employ and teach techniques. * Includes the facets of probability that relate to decision making.

Цена: 7994 руб.
ISBN: 0471318272


Think StatsThink Stats

Автор: Allen B. Downey

If you know how to program, you have the skills to turn data into knowledge using tools of probability and statistics. This concise introduction shows you how to perform statistical analysis computationally, rather than mathematically, with programs written in Python. By working with a single case study throughout this thoroughly revised book, you'll learn the entire process of exploratory data analysis-from collecting data and generating statistics to identifying patterns and testing hypotheses. You'll explore distributions, rules of probability, visualization, and many other tools and concepts. New chapters on regression, time series analysis, survival analysis, and analytic methods will enrich your discoveries. Develop an understanding of probability and statistics by writing and testing code Run experiments to test statistical behavior, such as generating samples from several distributions Use simulations to understand concepts that are...

Цена: 2739 руб.
Страницы: 228
Год: 2015
Производитель: O'Reilly Media
ISBN: 978-1-491-90733-7


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